July 23, 2017

Hey, I still love you, okay?

It has been a one tough week, mentally and financially mostly. Began my week with preparation for Eid celebration at my workplace. Volunteered myself to make a 2-tier pulut kuning. Never did that before, but managed to pull it off albeit being a bit sloppy here and there.

The celebration went well and very festive in my opinion. The team did well. There were slight unhappy tragedy but I don't want to go there again and talk about it. I woke up at 5 that day after a night of busting my ass making the chicken rendang and shaping the pulut, went to and fro making sure everything went right and yet some people won't just understand. Just for that one day. Takpelah, kita move on dan jangan dikenang semula.

My 2-tier pulut kuning, with eyeless duckies and comots sana sini 

Later that day after the Eid celebration, I received a bad news about the house I rented out. I jinxed myself huh? There were  problem with the water tank, and the water dripped off the ceiling, wetting the bedroom and the desktops! Later the spilled water went bad enough to cause short in eletricity and it went black out. The tenants went berserk. I went panic. What could I do? I was helpless.

After giving some tips that I got from my previous tenant things got under control. It happened again today, fortunately not as bad as last Wednesday and the plumber fixed it, hopefully things are okay now. That's my 400 gone just like that.

Last but not least, my car was knocked from behind last Saturday. It was at traffic light, while we were not moving I wonder how it happened but the boy claimed he passed out. I was dumbfounded, just got back from my side job on my way to Cikpi's house and that happened. But thank God at least the knocker came from a family that can afford paying for the damage. We ended up going to the workshop and it takes a few days before I can have my baby back :(

I was quite worried being carless, how am I going to work....? For some reason I went mengadu to Fuzah..because I normally have some go-to person I talk to that I know will reply me instantly like Wany. I mean, I have few good friends around but not all would reply to my text messages that quick because well, people are busy living their lives. Thank God, Fuzah's car is with her brother and he's not using it so I got myself a car to drive around these few days..

All in all, I lost almost thousand ringgits for some damage control...and mind you it has been 40 days since my last pay. Thank God for side jobs.

I was a bit depressed this morning. Refused to wake up early and just wanted to lie down. But I pushed myself to do things.

Despite all that happened He still reminds me that He still loves me. And that dugaans and onak duri that He placed onto me is because He just wanted to test me, for He knows I can accept the test. He didn't leave me alone.

He lent me shoulders to lean on and listening ears to calm me.

He sent Fuzah and Mamat to lend me car.

He sent Dr Y to give me the extra money from the side job that I supposed to get.

He tested me with accident so that at the same time I can send my car to be fixed and repainted.

Went for a briskwalk and slow jog this evening to ease my mind out.

May tomorrow comes and bring a new hope. Ya Allah, please ease everything. 

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