May 29, 2017

Ramadhan 1438H

2017 went by so quickly and here we are, already in Ramadhan. Where did my 2017 go? The past 5 months has been a bittersweet moment for me. But so far, mostly I am doing okay. Just follow the flow wherever it goes..

Had our potluck at Mak Iti's place yesterday. Differing from the previous years where my place has always been the place no matter how big or how small the crowd is. It was...different. But I have learned to let go and accept that perhaps people need a change of air from time to time. So that was it, potluck done, we move on.

Azam Ramadhan? I didn't achieve mine last year, but really hope I could reach near perfection this year. I might be fasting throughout Ramadhan because I finished my menses jusssst in time for 1st Ramadhan. Since my cycle fluctuates from 30-40 days, there's a huge chance I might be fasting fully this year, so hopefully I can khatam this Ramadhan.

I would also like to make this Ramadhan as a jumpstart for another weight loss journey. It's the only month where I can control my food intake. Tried to incorporate some light workouts too. So far it has been okay, but probably because I wasn't working and spent my time mostly at home. Today we shall see if I can continue doing so.

Lastly I really wish I have the opportunity and strength and rezeki to collect funds for myself this few months. 2 major things going on (which is NOT tying the knot, sadly) and I think I'm kinda crazy to pursuit this 2 things at about the same time. Wishing myself the best of luck busting my arses off working, until the fund is enough. Goodluck dearself!

Till then

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