June 28, 2016

Mood Bergaduh

So I was on my way to work this morning, being bored waiting for the traffic light queue as usual I scrolled through my fb feeds for some entertainment. And I saw a post by a very ignorant lady that trigger my carigado bones. Without knowing my fingers typed a reply to her post. Eceyh without knowing konon.

My carigado supersentap bones are active these few days. Ada je benda nak disentapi. A few days ago I went carigado, and it was later fixed. Lepastu the day after I had a really upsetting dream I went supersentap. Letih orang nak melayan kau nak. Kah..

So lanjutan daripada carigado bones being active this morning, I almost tagged my friends who I found supporting anti vaccine sentiments to a forum that is organized by my senior in Cork. Macam..eiii..kau share articles memacam meh sini kau datang forum pergi tanya straight dekat the specialists. Health DG will be there as well so it is really, the best medium to throw off all your questions. Tapi setelah ditenangkan, I just share it on my wall without tagging anyone. Lels. Bahaya betei mood carigado.

Another hasutan supersentap is to be supersentap towards know, orang yang dah makin jaoh. Yang makin sepi. Makin lama tak sembang share story kongsi hobby. Well, that is life baby. Dah ada komuniti tersendiri own name own fame. Gitulahhhh

Apapepun let's hope this is just a phase. Such a bitchy phase I am in right now.

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