April 06, 2016

Not your typical drama

I don't watch a lot of tv dramas these days because they are kinda typical. Kalau kebetulan I am free and am doing nothing I would watch tapi takdela tahap struggle nak jugak tengok kalau tak sempat.

But there's one drama that made an exception - Cinta 100kg. Not your typical perempuan cantek bersama lelaki handsome, salah satu kaya, tentangan keluarga, perempuan jahat menggoda. Nope. It's one kind of a drama that carries stinging satires about Malaysians in general. Sarat dengan sindiran.

As the title implies, the drama doesn't revolve around typical novel-like plot. One of the issue that was highlighted in the drama was about body image. The main characters are 3 women with different perception of their own body image. Yg sorang chubba chubba, yg sorang kuruih kering, yg sorang just nice just nice tapi kadang nak jadi gemok kadang nak jadi kurus sebab dia rasa dia direject oleh lelaki sebab dia either tak cukup gemok or tak cukup kurus.

Apart from that ada la a few issues like our people obsession with so-called health products that claims to kuruskan/putihkan/gemokkan. Lepastu gender biased in certain jobs yang mana perempuan cannot do certain tough jobs like being a mechanic. Isu orang kita suka meng-cheese-kan everything pun ada. Kahkahkah. Itu memang win.

Another issue that caught my eyes really was the struggle of a chubba chubba woman to find the right man. Tapi dalam cerita ni not quite la cam senang je dia dapat laki. But she was dumped by her pilot bf of 8 years for a stewardess. Of course that made her question her self esteem and everything and self esteem is an issue that is very close to my heart.


Talking about this series made me reflect upon myself. Yup, I'm a chubba chubba girl but I'm trying my best over here to beat masyarakat's perception that all we know is eat and only eat. I run, I hike, I want to prove I can move more than the hot girls do. Ceyh bitter benar bunyinya. I'm turning 3 series next year and still not quite sure of my path, and still...single. Not gonna lie the pressure from stigma masyarakat to not yet married woman turning 30 is  kinda choking. And of course it gets pretty lonely too sometimes.

I met a few guys. Ada yang I know is pretty serious but I felt that we didn't really click. I tried, but I just can't. So I just flew away just like that. Feels sooo guilty I left just like that. Certain people must have said eh kau ni memilih sangat la but what can I do. Takkan sebab I am not a typical hot girl I can't be choosy. I am also the kind of person whose instinct is kind of strong and I know who I can tolerate and who I can't. Kalau malas nak layan, mmg aku tak layan dah.  Ada juga yg I am okay, getting along well and all of a sudden hilang macam tu. Kena karma agaknya kahkah. And also, ada juga yg fits my criteria so well but there are certain circumstances that complicate things.

Apapapun I am still very much single and still waiting for the one. Yes, I feel left out. But no, I won't settle for just anything just because my situation looks desperate. Tapi if you are a person who is worth the wait, I am your girl who would sacrifice and be patience as long as you promise your worth.


Back to the drama, well, it airs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm, sometimes I have to miss out certain episodes so I went to Tonton to watch the rerun. Saya. Bukak. Tonton okay. Rare ni seorang saya sanggup nak catch up macam tu sekali. Kahkahkah..

Kbai. Still trusting your plans, ya Rabb. 

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