April 10, 2016

Bebelan malam tak berapa nak minggu

Entah kenapa semalam for some reason, hati digerakkan untuk check for something. Stalking mode on, and bammm I got my answer. No wonder I don't feel good about it. My instinct is kinda strong for certain things.

On a few things that I really hmm..want, I will make doa, show me lead me. Take it away from me if it's not meant for me. He listens, but He answers differently. One by one He shows me why it doesn't work on certain things.

One day someone ask me, why did I went for that decision, honestly I do not have the answer. But every single day I make doa to show me the way and my instinct have yet to tell me to go away so here I am, here to stay. One day, perhaps one sweet day, I will get my answers that I've been looking for.

In the meantime, let's just go with the flow. Despite not having certain people who are close to me anymore in my life, I still have a few ones who cares. No need to disturb other people's busy life let me just live my own. Doa mereka bahagia, moga yang baik-baik aja.

Taktau apa lagi nak bebel, banyak sebenarnya membuak-buak nak tulis. Tapi taktau macammana nak explain. Esok lusa la kalau dapat ilham.

Minggu mencabar ni esok. Tak jadi nak pergi volunteer work. Nak present. Ada kursus pulak. Ada deadline. Ada nak kena tinggal :(( Banyak kerja + kurang kasih sayang bakal mewujudkan hati yang resah gelisah. Moga yang baik-baik aja minggu ni, insyaAllah.

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