April 03, 2016

My favourite event :)

I think Hulu Langat Trail Run is becoming another favourite event of mine.

The trail this year is very much lenient compared to last year. They scratched off 2 parts that caused the bottleneck of participants which was the steep hill (that we need to use rope to get up) and another narrow area. The river crossing too wasn't as deep as last year although we had to run through a few watery area as compared to one deep river last year.

Due to the reduced bottlenecked area and the fact that I have someone who ran along with me most of thr time, I clocked in around 1:40 ish as compared to 2:30 last year. Didn't track my time because they have the timing chip this year so i'll just wait for the results soon.

Was supposed to run with Zack but since she's getting married soon and need to jaga muka and all, I got someone else to tag along. Cuak jugak if slowed him down because I never ran with anyone before I usually run on my own even kalau dgn Zack pun kita jumpa awal and akhir je. But it turned out well..I managed to push myself at few spots with the help although I had stomach cramp towards the end.

Definitely will join it again if time and space permits. InsyaAllah :) Lari sorang pun takpe, saya bole belajar.

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