March 23, 2016


My body is very, very tired. 

We've been getting a lot of..customers these days. Penatnya hanya Tuhan yang tahu. A good massage will do me really good now. Entah bila la nak pergi. To expect me to go there by myself..satu perjuangan tu. Maybe one day I should book a hotel in that area. Lepas urut terus gi balik hotel tido rehat-rehat. Ni lepas urut nak kena drive lagi balik..hilang dah nikmat. Hmm. Yup. Maybe I should do just that. Tapi bila tu I don't know. Haihhh penatnyeee nak nangis rasa dia.

Happy this 2 weeks ada teman lunchdate almost everyday but not for long. Hmm..sedihnya. 

There's something that I want to write about but I do not know how to express it. Tatau la nak cakap camne..

Letih la letih tau tak. 

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