March 24, 2016

Affairs summed up

Last night out wearing my new top I bought online. Always so careful to buy without trying but I gave this top a go and loved it! Loving the shape but the material isn't equinox-friendly.

Out for a movie that kinda disappoints me because of the messy plot. But I got to see Wonderwoman in action so I'm one happy girl. Plus, it's a very rare occasion to have a night out like this.

Today's lunchtime we went to our go-to place when we don't have any idea to go. Simple nasi ayam kunyit goreng but the idea of serving as many nasi/ayam goreng kunyit you want for only RM6 with water is really satisfying.

Because we still have almost 50minutes to spare before lunch hour ends, we decided to just chill by the lake. Someone called me Michelin haremjadah punya orang but I take it as a motivation siap la kau cey padahal diet kelaut exercise kelaut. Took a picture of his kungfu panda tummy.

Can I say goodbye? Can I or can I not?

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