March 18, 2016

Turun Naik Happy Tak Happy

Turun naik turun naik graf happiness gua this week.

When it comes to work mulelah graf mendadak turun. But I'm happy there are certain things that have ended. I hope things will go smoothly from now onwards. However my project is kinda stuck at the moment because I am really serabut this week and I ran out of motivations. Hope I get back my drive next week..

However on the other place there are few changes that makes me..unhappy. Tapi sebab keadaan ekonomi sekarang tak betul and I need the extra money, hadap je la. I might need to take up extra days to cover..tapi kepenatan dia Tuhan saja yg tahu.

We made it to 5/5 of seeing each other this week. I am one happy camper but not for long..this might be the first and last one since he'll be taking up a new job and it won't be as flexible as his current job. As of now he is my current happy place although I don't know for how long or where are we heading. Even though there are times dia buat aku geram rasa nak cubit kecik-kecik sampai berdarah, but most of the time he makes me smile. All those silly things we did when we spend our time together..they distract me from thinking of all the worries and sadness that I am actually in..


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