March 09, 2016

My Milo Icecream

I've been pretty tight this week. Entahlah. Banyak betul cabaran mendatang. And it sorta created a dominos effect where I perceived everything is pretty fucked up now.

Entahlah. I really don't know.

Also with someone, for some reason macam terasa sangat-sangat dengan dia. Just me being perempuan emo like that. Rasa macam ish terasa tapi tatahu nak cakap cammana. Maybe I should tone it down or just backoff. I don't know.

Tapi td petang he came to pass me a few things to be settled. And he brought me a Milo icecream. Baruu je lepas lunch terdetik dalam hati alangkah bestnya kalau ada icecream milo disaat matahari terik ni. Masuk kereta hati panas-panas when I saw the icecream I couldnt help by smile. Macammana boleh tahu ni...lepastu siap cakap "taktahulah icecream ni bole buat you happy tak" kahkah...gila tak happy tapi mana boleh tunjuk..

Really hoping things clear up and my fucked up emotions go back to normal soon. Times like this I just need a hug and some reassurance that things will be fine. Takpayah tolong selesaikan masalah just be there for me is enough...

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