March 08, 2016


I think it's time for me to slowly back off from everyone and build my own cocoon. Now that all my bestfriends are safely in the hands of their partners, I think I've got to learn to live on my own.

Pergh macam sedih betul bunyinya kan.

I seriously need some time off to rest. I have been unwell for almost a month and it's starting to make me worry. It's not showing any signs of getting better either. In fact, my throat hurts so bad yesterday rasa nak cabut je lepastu rendam dalam clorox.

However, I still have a few things at work I need to make sure the progress is good. On one hand we are organizing a farewell next week. On the other hand we need to start working on the recorded SOP  and check the progress of the system. Get this 2 hands washed up and cleaned, I think I can have my break peacefully. Lagipun nak kena kumpul duit sikit so boleh lari hilangkan diri kemana-mana kejap.

I think while waiting for the right time for a break, I need to give myself some loving. Nak urut. Nak buat hair treatment. Nak shopping baju. I hate doing all of this alone. But I think I have no choice but to learn. But all of this need money so I need to work hard first.

I can do this. Yes I can. This feelings too, shall pass.

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