March 12, 2016

A goodbye...or not?

After managed to train my tastebud to accept grilled lamb, someone is quite determined to get me into eating taugeh. Yup, I am one of that person who hates taugeh and would spend my first 5 minutes of taugeh-ed food isolating them.

So one day someone packed a lunch for us and told me he got me taugeh as the lauk. I said nevermind, I can always remove them like I always do. Mulelah keluar perangai dia cakap nak paksa masukkan dalam mulut la nak paksa kunyah la. Memang dasar...btul perangai. Kah.

As I opened the food wrapper I was glad to see no taugeh was there. Only tapau-ed nasi Hakim. Hakim. The place where we first met :') He was laughing at me and blurted "haa..cuak kan ada taugeh" Cis betul. Paksa makan keli kang baru tau..

I am going to miss silly moments like this....

Lately there are things that got me upset pretty easily and that's just some signs of me getting a little too attached. I'm scared. I really am.

I have started to buat perangai delete the number so I appeared like I have blocked you from whatsapp (because my DP, my last seen and my status are only for my contacts). And then I switched off my whatsapp. Tapi tadi I had to contact somebody so I switched on my whatsapp and not long after that a message from him came in. Is it a coincidence? Or have you been waiting for me to go online? Ergh. I don't like when I started to behave like this. Macam tak chill betul.

Amende la yang aku mengarut ni.

My trains of thoughts are really haywire now. Tomorrow Imma go hiking and try to calm the fuck down. And I am going to decide whether it's time to back off and say goodbye, or not..

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