March 27, 2016


Apart from work stuff, there are also things that make me think too much lately. I wanted to discuss it with someone but I hesitated at first. So aku kasi mukadimah Jumaat malam telling him I wanted to say something but will only let him know today. He got irritated but waited anyway, tapi dalam hati I wish I could just brush off the urge to discuss it with him that's why I delayed the matter.

I kept thinking on and on and on since last Friday how do I address my concern. To the point that I wake up at night getting bad dreams and all. We discussed something similar before but he was the one who brought it up.

I think I might have got a lil bit too attached. I think. I signed up for a volunteer work at God-knows-where on the weekend he'll be away  because the thought of it just made me sad. I could be having a holiday for myself too but I wanted to go somewhere with no phone coverage so I won't be having any expectations.

Today he claimed back the unanswered issue I wanted to discuss last Friday. A bit persuasive and he got a lil bit angry so I got a lil scared. Tried to distract as best as I could until something happened that led to the topic being opened. However it was a lil bit too late because we were already close to my house so we extended our discussion in texts.

A little relieved you made the call. All I need is a reassurance. That's it. That's all.

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