February 18, 2016

Slow day

What a slow day at work.

And I'm still not at my top condition. Tak apalah. Sakit penghapus dosa-dosa kecil kan. Berlambak dosa tu lagi nak carry at least yang kecil-kecil dah hapus ni okaylah kot. But I do hope I gain my 100% recovery soon. Pagi-pagi bangun with cracked lips, stuffy nose. Feeling nausea the whole day. Very the unpleasant one.

For some reason I'm feeling...empty. Taktaulah kenapa. Haish. Rasa macam empty gila hidup ni. Like I don't have any new achievements so far. Takdak progress. In any aspect of life. Tatau la kenapa dilanda perasaan begini.

Maybe I do need a break. :/

and...this came in suddenly while I was writing this post. Haha so random. Tebiat agaknya. Well slow day at work, slow day with someone also today so it's a nice little gesture that made me smile :)

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