February 23, 2016

Planning isn't my forte anymore :(

Last 2 weeks have been one of the most hectic weeks I had. I was kind of busy with stuff at work and I was down with cough and cold. And I had another big task which is planning for Wani's bachelorette partayy. All this combined has put me under big pressure. 

Tried my best to settle the major task. Place, cake, decorations. But problems kept on coming in and out until that very Saturday when we are supposed to meet. I was still unwell that Saturday. Received a not so good news that morning. I had to go to work. After work  I rushed to buy groceries and rushed home to prepare roti daging and baked macaroni for the partay because I was afraid there won't be any food. I was so exhausted and a lil bit disappointed with myself I felt I did not do my job well :/

That evening I just couldn't handle it anymore and then came superman to console me. Initially I was all okay...we went to grab a bite, chit chat but when I was sent home, I teared a bit. I tried to hide my tears but superman found out anyway kahkah hilang macho. Felt better when I let it out. Takde apa pun maybe I was just too tired and was still unwell. 

That night we went to Regalia with whoever that could make it. Had some catching up, main urut-urut and I was down by 3am. 

 Alhamdulillah, the partay went okay walaupun macam taktau pun apa nak buat. Cake turned out great. Food was adequate. And I was just so happy I get to meet them girls. Hope the celebrated person felt happy despite all the defects and the fact that the event was very not smooth. Takde games. Takde saprais. Sigh. I knew I could do better if I wasn't unwell and wasn't too caught up with stuff at work :(

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