February 15, 2016


I have been unwell for this past few days. Feverish at night. Cough and flu. Started last Thursday and starting yesterday it got slightly worse so I went to see the doctor to get my blood checked. I have been relying on warm honey lemon water this past few days with occasional PCM when I feel the headache got a lil bit too intense and my body temp increases. Blood checked - platelet was a bit low and I was given MC today.

But I know what I needed more.

Told somebody ;
  "tak sempat jumpa haritu memang sedih, tapi sedih lagi sakit takde tempat bermanja" 

Ngahngahngah cheesy terok. My apologies. Orang tengah sakit memang mengada-ngada extra. Plus I don't know how much longer I can have time like this with him..... At first I thought he couldn't make it because he had to be somewhere so daku pasrah. But he said he'll make adjustments and he did.

As I entered the car he said "ini muka sakit ke..macam sihat jee.." kahkah kurang asam orang dah pening peluh-peluh dia apa tau. And he followed by "Haritu marah kat I ye malam tu tak sempat jumpa. Comel je dah pandai marah kat I sekarang"
Alhamdulillah. Ada gak orang rasa yang iols marah ni comel satu dalam seribu ni mana nak cari orang tenang camni. Ini kalau orang lain ni mau perang silent treatment berjam-jam. Kahkah.

Initially we wanted to go for lunch and then he'll leave for work. But I ended up following him for work sebab pusing-pusing cari tempat nak lunch tak jumpa. Had to rest somewhere kejap sementara tunggu but I didn't mind.

Weed. Marijuana. PCM :P

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