January 02, 2016

Last night in Venezia

Last night in Venice.

Chillin with Naynay watching Paw Patrol while playing some games on her pink laptop. By now, I have memorized all characters of Paw Patrol already.

Sedih jugak nak balik ni. If and only if I have plenty of leaves...sigh.

Last night I slept with quite an unhappy feeling. Nasibla woke up to some comforting texts by my good friend whom I already feel like my brother. Thank you brotherrr you don't know how much that text meant to me.

Later during the day someone text me and undid my unhappy feeling. So, I can say my first year of 2016 has been okay okay laa.

Forgive me if I ever hurt you, anyone who comes over this post, alright? I feel like I might have hurted somebody. But I don't know who or why. Tak tenang iols ni.

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