January 04, 2016

Back home

"I tahu you ada dua feeling. Satu sedih sebab mak abang you semua kat sana. Satu lagi excited nak balik sebab jumpa I kan"

Rolled my eyes although what was said is not totally wrong :P

Back home, safe and sound, Alhamdulillah. Although, home doesn't really count as one when all your family isn't there.

Initially I didn't want somebody to pick me up because I wanted to attend some event. Tapi entah macammana terkeluar satu topik pasal balik while I was there mengada rindu sana sini terjadi pula. Dia almost couldn't make it for some reasons, I was okay with it since okay la iols pun adehal kan. But he managed to be there anyway. In the end, all went well. I got to spend time with him as well as attended the event later on. 

I put on his perfume because I need to rush to the event and I was too lazy to get mine. Ended up smelling like him, I keep on sniffing my wrist like an addict. He's my marijuana, I know I need to put it under control. But kasi can la okay? I just got back to an empty home and my family is thousand miles away I need me some comfort.


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