January 05, 2016

A Professional Lunch

It had to be professional this time. Lunch hour this time, there is some deal need to be made with him and her colleague. Of course she had to tag along. 

They reached the place. She saw him from afar, they wore a matching-coloured outfit today. What a coincidence. And her colleague made a remark about their matching outfits. They just smile and laughed it off. 

A professional kind of lunch, is not their typical. They went separate cars. They had to refrain from making private jokes.  They had to avoid from..touching each other. 

She tried not to look at him as much.  So she kept her eyes on her phone, something not quite she typically do when she's with him. Once or twice, they spoke few words, but it had to be stopped before her colleague could sense how close they were. The lunch felt longer than ever. Full of awkwardness and at times, quite tickling.

The lunch is finally over. They went separate ways. Her colleague made her way first and she just wanted to leave as quickly as possible but she turned around to bid him goodbye, he sent her a flying kiss. 


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