January 07, 2016

A sad day

I woke up to a very sad news today. My favourite teacher back in SMSS, Teacher Irene passed away after around 3+ years battle with cancer.

She was my favourite teacher. She made me love Chemistry. She made me want to score in my subjects.

It was indeed a sad day. Have a good rest, Teacher Irene, you well deserved one.

On another note, lately a lot of my FB friends went to perform their Umrah. I got really envious seeing them getting the chance to do one. I did mine when I was in Standard 3. I'm missing the place so much. Longing to be there. Had it not because of the Mahram thing, I would have try my best to be there. Hmm. Really hope I get to be in the holy place soon.

Trusting your plans, Ya Allah. Always. 

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