January 08, 2016


We clicked quite well from the moment we know each other. I am a very reserved person and I usually don't get warmed up to strangers that fast. However with this certain someone, the numbers just don't add up and there is no valid reason why we connected well that fast.

So we blame it on the chemistry. 

Chemistry is such a mysterious but no doubt, a wonderful thang. A friend made a remark that I'm a sucker for a sweet talker. Yup, gotta admit at times he is. But it takes more than a sweet talk to get me this...crazy

After the professional lunch, we finally have our normal meetup. And somebody brought up some issues from the lunch that I felt the same too. How awkward it was. What we wished we have done. Bla di bla bla. I really don't know how to put it into proper words but that certain somebody has really spoken what's in my mind. And we talked about some other things. And we sighed to certain things..

And we blame it on the chemistry again. 

Erghh...I so hate myself for being this weak

But yeah, I'm a happy camper after getting my dose of happy pill :P

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