October 06, 2015

What's wrong with you

I was so hungry this morning, so I had to go lenient a bit with my light breakfast experiment and had tuna french toast. Menyesal sikit because it is the kind of sandwich that has little tiny tuna filling in it and the rest is mayonnaise. Cis, terbazir kalori gua baik amik the chicken filling je it was much better.'s only 915am and I'm already hungry. I took the breakfast at around 745. One and a half hour later I'm already hungry. What's wrong with you tummy? Bela hantu raya isssit? Trying my best to calm the hungry demon now. It's currently telling me to eat the lunch I packed. Lepastu lunch time suruh kuar lagi cari food. Stressnya.

Or could it be the hormones? I don't know really. Kalau dah gemok cemni kadang kau confused kau memang gemok semulajadi atau hormon yang tak stabil. Tapi biasanya kalau dah ada voices in the head segala it's more of a hormonal rush. There was one time I had A&W rootbeer 3 days in a row because of it. Eceyh takmau mengaku gemok semulajadi pula ni.


Other than that yesterday my ex primary schoolmate brought her 4 years old daughter to the clinic I worked with. After my so-called viral status she contacted me and voiced her concern..I told her to bring the daughter for a check up and she wanted to see me. So cut the story short I finally met her after....16 years of leaving primary school. It feels...surreal.and also I feel old. Kawan dah tahap ada anak gigi rosak pun kau masih stuck alone ni. Haha. ok sedih.

I slept early yesterday and this morning woke up to voice msg sent by Zara (my friend's daughter) saying "Thank you doctorr...I am better now" Awwww..cair hati mak nak pepagi dengar camtu. 


wani ezryl * said...

better makan breakfast yang mengenyangkan and kenyang sampai tengah hari, that would be better :D i know someone yang nak cuba makan sikit je tapi end up makan dan makan sebab makan sikit menyebabkan dia cepat lapar. so goal's not accomplished hihi. may be oat can be a good option kalau nak makan yg light tapi kenyang.

n Z r A said...

Haha i used to have breakfast kenyang tp akan lg slalu nak makan. Slalu kalau i tak breakfast/light breakfast elok je ok tak rasa slalu nak makan. And sadly oats doesnt work its wonder on me..makan pun tak lama kenyang..

wani ezryl * said...

laa ye ke. haha may b high metabolism :D