October 05, 2015


It was a gloomy past few days for me. It still is but I'm hoping for a reset soon.

To make things worse, Ireland displayed a pretty poor performance yesterday. I was biting my nail the whole 80+ minutes with occasional yelling and slamming the cushion like a cuckoo lady watching them playing Italy. It wasn't supposed to be that hard. The last time Italy beat us was around 2013. Since then we had a clean sheet against Italy so it shouldn't be that hard. But gotta admit the Italians were quite good yesterday. Having Sergio Parisse although not to the full time certainly injected some motivation boost to them.

Them boys need to buckle up and get their shit together before meeting the French next week. Quarter final already qualified and it's a matter of who we are playing against now. Finish 2nd in the group and we'll be facing the All Blacks so that's about it. Keeping my hopes high the luck will be at the Irish side and we'll take the group lead. Really hope Rob Kearney is fit to play again.


Other than that, hoping to find something that will fix my shitty mood. Dah lama sangat teringin nak karok ni. Yet to find someone to go with. Ingat nak huha dengan the girls this weekend pun turned out to be something I don't quite expect it to be....Takpelah apa boleh buat.

A reset. I need a reset. Hope things get better soon too.

P/S : Checked my so-called viral status and it had 46 shares. Lol. Greatest online achievement so far!

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