October 08, 2015

Tak tenang

Tak tenang pergi kerja harini.

This morning as usual, morning drive to work. But the windows and screen are all still foggy tapi memang selalu biar je lama-lama ok la. Keluar the main road kejar traffic light split second to red I went anyway because brek mengejut lagi teruk lepastu rasa macam tercium motor.

Dengan kabur-kabur lagi I don't know what happen to the motorcycle. Before my car kissed the ride he was all smiling with me while I raised my hand apologizing sebab dia pun belum hijau dah jalan. There was sound but not a loud one but because my screens are foggy I couldn't really see. Hope he's fine. Check waze takde pulak orang report accident ke apa. Lepastu check group Shah Alam Residents or Daily Traffic Report kot ada orang maki ke buat report kes langgar lari ke. Belum ada lagi.

I hope you are fine, whoever you are. May Allah bless you adeh bersalah gila iols ni.

Anywayy I think my salmon game was on point yesterday. Well you see, I normally bring my lunch from home. Too lazy to face the traffic during lunch time. So yesterday after locum I was thinking what's easy enough to be prepared when you are so sleepy. Thank God ada satu lagi frozen salmon so I grilled it as usual. Whipped up some simple nasi goreng and my usual lazy tomato dish.

But I think that's the best salmon so far. Crispy skin. Not over done. Tazabar nak makan lunch nanti. Tak makan lagi pun tau it's gonna be good. Kah. Perasan kau ni.

I miss going to the gym. Lama dah tak pergi ni since the 1 month try out period is over. Yet to register for membership padahal tengah jerebu-jerebu ni la patut pergi gym kan. Ssokay a lil bit more to go. Getting things sorted and then I will get my focus back on track.

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ArELeEz said...

nice & healthy bento.. i guess.. #kipidap