October 01, 2015

Tips-tips mengunjungi klinik gigi?

Close to 4pm yesterday, I attended to a patient who complained of pain over the left lower side of her mouth. During working, the time I am tired the most is around 11.30am and above and 3.30pm and above. Energy drained out. Pinggang dah start sakit. 

So upon examination I found out she has one tooth that needs to be filled. I proceeded to do so. Her mouth opening weren't too good. I know she could open wider when I asked her to do so but she kept on closing. So I had to say open your mouth wiiiiiide every 10 seconds. At one point during the procedure, it must have hurt a lit bit too more that she grabbed my hand while I was holding the handpiece (or famously known as the driller....) INSIDE her mouth. A slip of my hand could easily hurt her cheek. 

Fuh. Pet peeves people, my pet peeves when it comes to treating a patient. So please, please please don't grab our hand when we are operating, it puts YOU in danger not me. Hurting you accidentally is the last thing I would like to happen on that time of the day. 

That wasn't the first time. It happened a couple of times. So it inspired me to come out with the fb post to membebel sebab I dah penat petang tu and I don't have teman bebelan anymore, also with hope to educate my friends in FB. 

A while after I uploaded, my more famous fb friend shared my post so I think this is a good opportunity to educate more people so I made my post open to public. The post had almost 100likes so it's good to know people are reading. I logged on my facebook with a desktop this morning and was suprised to see the post was shared by 17 people, of which only 5 or so were in my friend list. Lain-lain semua friends of friends or even random people. 

Tak sangka bebelan kepenatanku turns out to be some sort of beneficial tips for others. Lol. I even had few messages in my inbox from my friends asking a few things about their oral health and all. Wah. Rugi I takde duit nak bukak klinik sendiri. Kalau tak dah boleh grab the opportunity dah. Keh.

So I thought I'd share with you people (if any) who came to my blog. Selalu post meroyan, sekali sekala belanja la benda berfaedah sikit innit?



wani ezryl * said...

haha sy kalau before jumpa dentist memang gosok gigi siap2 dgn kumur2 sekali. kalau sakit pun kutahan jua. buka mulut pun luas2. i am dentist friendly :P

n Z r A said...

Haha anda mesti jd kesayangan dentist ramai. On behalf of your dentist, thank you for being a good patient! Haha :D