August 13, 2015

The greatest humiliation

Yesterday I had one of the greatest humiliation ever. Like, ever ever.

So I went to the gym and was all excited because I thought the timetable was fixed. All geared up to learn the next choreograph for Get Dirrrty. Wah cikgu puji sikit terus kau rasa kau macam dancer.

Spent a good 20 minutes at cross trainer, another 7 at the bicycle just to kill time before the class. Went down to the studio and saw lots of Aunties and an unknown instructor. They brought the step, the weights and the yoga mat. Shit. I missed my R&B class and like it or not I had to join that class because I gotta make my trip worth it.

Much to my surprised it was a HIIT class - a HIGH. INTENSITY. INTERVAL. TRAINING. class.  I got all the mats and weights and steps laid out in front of me it would be awkward to run now.

The class was tough. And I am enveloped in too much of fats I couldn't even hold lifting up my butts to do the full sets. What. A. Shame. My abs cramped, my legs were sore and my hands, well they were shaken up and I didn't even follow the full reps and sets. Out of 20 counts maybe I did 5 or 7 tops?

Erghh. Back then in JB I did similar things in the sessions with my PT. I don't know is it the fact that I sat on a step  rather than on a bench that made it harder to lift up my butt during the exercise. Or the fact that A, my PT was  good looking that I pushed myself hard and that he will be supporting me whenever necessary. Kah.

Giving myself a month before I can fully follow the reps and sets. Biase ni lelemak degil ni pemalas tamau angkat.

I kinda miss my gym in JB. Because I was one of the very very very few Malay ladies in the gym, the guys were more attentive. When I come, X would follow me around before being shooed away by A for disturbing me. Then come Abang Sado 1 to give some motivations before Abang Sado 2 and 3 come and bugged in. At times the ever persistent Abang Special Force will join me at the resting table bla bla. But back then I was off limiting myself because I don't want to end up with anyone in Johor and settled down there. Kah jauh aku fikir tapi yes, I dodged every bullet fired. Ajak apape pun taknak.

It's hard, but I got to go on still :(

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