August 20, 2015

Making Progresses

Went to my second HIIT class yesterday and I think I have slight improvements compared to last week. Not quite there yet I think I can do better than I did yesterday but at least I could do half of the reps. Semoga istiqomah la nak pergi gym ni semalam pun berperang-perang dengan diri nak pergi.

Today I am feeling the sore already. Rasenya last week tak la sakit macam ni . Maksudnya betul la tu semalam aku buat bersunggoh sikit. Lulz.

I think because I am such a negative person, I need to force myself to look at positive aspects of my life. So I shall start it on a daily basis with hope that I can eventually lessen my negativity and widen my positive counterpart. Imma start with my own 30 days of happiness thingamajig.


  • I am happy I managed to drag my ass to the gym yesterday and brought myself to attend the HIIT class despite being so not fit 
  • I am happy I finally get to have a dinner with my bestfriend 

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