August 06, 2015

I got moves~

A month ago, I bought a Groupon voucher to a gym nearby my house. The thing about me is, I like to go to what I call a proper gym - completed with proper changing room, proper equipment, ample spaces, and preferably with studios that cater different classes. Back in JB I found one that I really liked and frequented because it matched my criteria.

I made my research and found the gym nearby my house fitted the criteria. Wanted to go but syaiton pemalas held me up really well. One find day last Ramadhan when I was so bored I browsed through Groupon and found a deal by the gym. I purchased it. RM58 for unlimited access to gym and classes that's quite a good deal. I only realized last Tuesday was the last day for redemption. Lulz. Pemalas nak mampus. So  I went.

The gym was not too bad, Well-equipped, big enough and the changing room has sauna - very similar to my gym in JB. The thing about going to the gym is you need a willpower to actually drive to the gym, and stronger willpower to use the exercise machines well. A tips that worked well with me is joining classes like zumba will help to force your lazy arse to make your trip to the gym well worth it. Kalau kau pergi lepastu setakat main beskal 10 menet dah penat, baik takyah. At least joining dance classes forces you to move your body at least for a good 50 minutes.

So the first day I joined Zumba. Much to my surprise, Zumba tires me more than trail running or running 10km. I went back home with very tired and aching body. Slept quite early that night although, of course I woke up in the middle of the night due to the depressed state I'm going through right now.

Yesterday I was so lazy to go. My leg is aching, my body is tired. I checked the timetable - it was R&B class. Well, R&B should be less tiring than zumba. I went anyway. Reached there quite early so spent the first 30 mins doing cross-fit and rowing.

At the beginning of the class there was only me, the other lady and the instructor. The lady looked like a frequent so risau la sikit nanti iols terkebil-kebil Later on another older lady joined in fuh nasibla kalau tak iols paling tak fit :P The instructor looked a bit cold in the beginning. We warmed up to Gangsta Paradise song and I thought to myself eh ni bukan R&B niii salah konsep ke aku salah paham.

As the class progressed, sangkaanku slightly meleset. Yes R&B is slower than zumba but you gotta have some slick moves to match the beat. Kau macam kena beralun ombak but at the same time be energetic enough. We spent the last 20minutes trying to get the choreograph of the song Diirrrrty right. Peluh-peluh mak nak....

At the end of the class, the instructor went to me and asked

Have you dance before?

I said no. Well, I join zumba maybe 3-4 times but that's it.

Oh you are actually quite good. You have the dancers' feel, dancers' move.

Kahkah. Siapa sangka. Malas je nak tunjuk. Dulu pergi Sarawak gua gerak kiri-kanan je kat Rainforest Music Festival tu sebab beg berat. Kalau tak memang dah body popping semua terkejut je semua kat situ kang.

Kembang muntut kejap dengar cikgu puji. Well, kalau perut tak berlipat-lipat lemak tak bergoyang-goyang, memang gua dah quit kerja join jadi penari. Kahkah.

And last night I slept throughout the night. Alhamdulillah. :)

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