August 04, 2015


The thing about life is, it goes on. It moves on. Alone or in groups. Hurt or happy. Clueless or full of confidence. Stupid or lucky. The difference is the directions, and how you go through your days.

As cliche as it sounds, life goes up, it also goes down.

And every single thing, happen for a reason. Every single act, will be rewarded accordingly.

Quoting Yasmin Mogahed's doa :

Dear God, I ask You to remake my heart. I ask You to remove from it all that You do not love, and fill it with all that You love. I ask You to penetrate the deepest recesses of my heart with Your love and Your Light so that I may walk this path back to You and finish the journey in Your nearness. I ask You to transform every wound and every scar I've gotten along the way into an opening for Light to enter, beautify, soften and guide my heart.

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