July 31, 2015


Feeling a lil bit casuaaaal today so I wore my trainers to work today. One of those rare chances that I get because we are not wearing formal today. I wish I could wear these to work everyday without getting a stare. 

However, my already dead toenail finally gave up today. Cis disaat ni plak dia nak tercabut. It started with the left side only, I tried to rip it off the base but it hurts and started to bleed. Went to medical to get help.

This is where I learn empathy towards my patients. All this while I've been giving injections and doing extractions without exactly knowing how does it feel. I braved myself to watch the MA did the procedure on me despite being told not to do so.

LA (Local anaesthesia) injection was somewhat pain but unbearable. The painful moment starts when the needle is inserted and when he was trying to find the right angle to deliver the LA. The second painful moment is when he started to inject it. More of a pressure-pain because you are injecting liquid into tight spaces kot. I held on and watched him inserted the needle deep into my toe T___T

The pain got a bit too unbearable when he tried to pull the new nail growing beneath the dead and half-tercabut nail. My toenail is dead from the excessive pressure from my runs/hikes but I let it be because it didn't really bother me until today. Sakit dia sampai merengkot-rengkot bila dia tarik akar tu so I gave up and laid down. Baru ingat nak menguji pain threshold guess I wasn't that brave..

This is a lesson for me today. Now I understand how does my patients feel when I pull out their tooth. But seriously, merengkot-rengkot/stiffen your body doesn't help with the process so you gotta try to chill. Tapi memang susahlaa nak chill bila tengah sakit kan. Tadi pun I tried to control my breathing to calm myself tapi bunyi dah macam orang tengah nak beranak pulek..

Empathy is walking on other people's shoes. You'll never know the pain until you are in one. Watching one to suffer and sympathize is really not enough, you've got to empathize. 

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