July 10, 2015


I hope my presence in anyone's life I have been, a benefiting one. I hope I wasn't too much of a burden.

When I let people in my close circle zone, I will try to be the very best to them too. I will become extra sensitive. I will be a pain in the ass. But I will try to balance it out by trying to help them to their needs at any point of their life.

But one day when I turn insignificant, I hope I didn't leave with too much of a bad memories. Sedih pulak rasa when you enter one's life just to leave them with lessons not good memories.

It's the last Friday of Ramadhan. This time around, I'm truly dreading its departure. It comes with plenty of opportunities to get your prayers heard or materialized. Til this day, I have been standing strong with the thought that He is listening to my prayer and He is preparing something good for me.

I've got 2 and a half juzu' to go. Hoping I could finish it before Aunt Flo comes.

Rindunyela nak borak-borak kosong macam dulu. Sigh..

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Kay said...

Hi there!

um.. i do think everyone's presence do have its own value to some people tho. Cuma kita tak sedar dan tak pernah terfikir manusia2 tersebut wujud di sekeliling kita :-)

Anyway. I'll be glad if you want to drop by my blog. Its a new blog act. Haha maybe it sound noob but yeah. :-D