July 12, 2015

Dikala malam sunyi sepi,,,

We have already entered the night of 25th Ramadhan. 5 more days to go. Wow. Cepatnya.

FB feeds have been flooded with pictures of craziness at some of the shopping hotspots. I myself was in Jalan Tar last night. Gila jampacked siap ada gaduh lagi drama tak tahan. Saja jalan cari pasal takdela beli ape pun teman orang je cari tudung. Tapi sempat la rembat satu tudung lepastu terbayang-bayang satu lagi tudung cantik yang tak dirembat. Typical perempuan. Had my shopping done last week. Bukan beli baju raya pun for me this time is the best time to buy my work attire at a very good price. Bought 5 pairs of good quality kurung for around 250 I don't think we can get this at other time..

Alhamdulillah I am also glad I managed to work on my another azam Ramadhan that is to wake up for Qiamullail on the last 10 nights. Tapi cheating sikit la malam ganjil je bangun in the middle of the night, malam genap solat after sahur before tunggu subuh je.

A workable tips for me to wake up at this odd hours is first of all your niat, your intention. Memang kena ada niat la before tidur. Sleep with your wudhu'. Lepastu before tidur tepuk-tepuk bantal and tepuk dada tanya selera; say your own name and cakap "N, bangun kul 3.15, bangun kul 3.15 ye" Lepastu of course kena la set alarm but insyaAllah dipermudahkan la nak bangun tu.

It has been 3 odd nights so far. Harapannya nak dapatkan lailatulqadar. Hari ke 21 and hari ke 23 haritu pun some have said that it is lailatulqadar because the signs were there. In my opinion, Allah rahsiakan supaya ade la usaha kita nak kejar on every 10 malam terakhir ni. Nanti kalau dah confident lailatulqadar malam 21 hari lain tak bangun malam pulak.

I think the last time I did Solat tasbih was aeon years ago. Rasanya time khemah ibadah sekolah rendah kot. Itupun rasanya time rakaat terakhir punya sujud tertidur terus. Hahah. Dulu khemah ibadah kena tidur kat dewan sekolah and being me, I'm never good at sleeping on different place on the first night. So malam tu tak tido bila kena bangun kul 4 memang dah lalok gila time tu. It was quite hard the first time but it gets easier as I go on.

Apapepun semoga semangat Ramadhan ni di carry on throughout the year, throughout life time. The best I could do for everyone around me is to pray for their wellbeing and healthiness. And the same goes for myself too.

Sekarang dah teringin maggi goreng senget pulak. Dang. 

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