July 08, 2015

Sailang si bas kilang

It rained cats and dogs this morning at around 6. While it would be heavenly to be under the duvet still and fly to lalaland, it would be disastrous if I'm stuck in the traffic or worst, in the flood. So I woke up 5 mins earlier to work.

The first 2km was okay until I arrived at the forever busy Hicom intersection. Much to my annoyance the traffic light was out! Looking at the situation it was almost impossible for me to pass through the traffic light because the people from the left seemed to be conquering the road and never let us pass!

Then I saw this bas kilang. I have been observing a lot..and bas kilang drivers - they don't give a rat shit about other drivers. Kalau diorang nak sailang diorang sailang. Kalau diorang nak jalan diorang langgar aje. I once saw a bas kilang rammed onto a new Honda City and did not stopped! The right back door of the Honda is pretty dented and the driver and other motorcyclists have been honking to him. Tapi dia relax je buat dek and jalan bila the traffic light is green. Mak also told me, me late dad advised him never to mess with the bus and lorry drivers because they won't stop if they do any mistake. Negligence in work, affecting their company's insurance bla bla so they would rather just leave you in misery.

So knowing how langsi they are (wah langsi! pandainya aku guna ayat ni!) I got an idea to sneak behind the bus closely. My guess was right. In the stream of cars from the left not giving way, bas kilang managed to break through! Kena selit-selit sikit but he managed to do it. And being the clever (masuk bakul angkat sendiri kbai) driver I was, I managed to follow the bus closely and pass the almost impossible bump-to-bump cars.

The road was all clear after the congestion because everybody else is still stuck lulz. Managed to reach work quite early today. Tapi federal highway to the other side was jammed pack kesian gila orang nak pergi kerja tu. 

Begitulah cerita harini. Kesimpulannya, hari-hari biasa menyumpah bas kilang sebab suka sailang. Tapi harini dia hero sebab kasi lepas jam. Lulz..

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