June 15, 2015

I need this in my life

Now that I work on a less busy setting, I started to do more  RCTs (Root Canal Treatment). Never really had the chance to practice my skill when I was practicing at my old place due to the time constraint and patient's low commitment to appointments. 

I think I should invest on a loupe so I don't put too much stress on my eyes and my back trying to get a view. Costed around 1200RM but at the moment I am in the middle of never ending crisis Expedia getting my refunds back, there is no way I can splurge on the loupe in this few months :( But I really need this since I am now in full gear of sharpening my skill for RCT and a few other complex things.

Oh my loupe, for ye I shall be :(

I think as of now I'm leaning towards opening up my surgery rather than continuing my studies. But to own a clinic I must also attend a few courses so that can be considered as continuing my studies too. Tapi I need someone whom I can trust as an investor. I had one before. Tapi looking at current situation, I don't think that certain someone still interested. Things have been turning 180 degrees from before not quite sure which words I can trust anymore.

Oh well, let time tells. Guess I have to work until my financial situation permits me too make another step..

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