June 14, 2015

Another one done

Green Warrior Run 2015

Flag off delayed about 40mins due to the heavy rain.
They gave us option whether to run or not in the rain. Thought to myself, kau dah carbo loading melantak Humble Chef semalam berani tak mau lari.
I started about 5mins late.
I ran (or walked actually, really) in the rain that lasted along the first 7km and enjoyed it very much so.
Clocked in 1:36 and did't even run more than 2km due to the rain.
Felt so good to run in the rain. Rasa macam nak lari sambil nyanyi "let the raaaainn fall down and wake my dream let it washhhh awayy my sanity"

Every run has its story, has its memory.

So what's next? Definitely anywhere but Putrajaya of course!

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