May 05, 2015

Where did my 4 days go?


Now now where did my 4 days holiday went?

Abang, Kakdiah and Nayli are back for a while to get their visa thingy sorted but lil miss Nayli was down with fever so she was warded. Pity her :(

Went to Penang on Friday. We left KL a bit late and was stucked in a ridiculously heavy traffic for 4.5 hours that brought us only 30km away from where the traffic jam started. The reason? Some stupid morons parked their busses and cars on the freaking highway. Can you actually believe that? Parked their fecking transports on a highway at the Ladang Bikam stop. I don't quite understand why must all the cars and busses choose to take a break at the particular stop that place wasn't even a proper RnR. And I wondered where were the authorities when this happened. They could easily shoo away this morons and make the traffic better kot. 

We left KL at 645pm. Arrived Behrang around 8pm and only managed to get pass Ladang Bikam around 1240am. After that I took over the wheel and sped up to Penang and managed to reach Bagan Ajam's Nasi Kandaq Ketapang around 215am. Stress punya pasal dok dalam jam bantai je bawak laju asal sampai. Hoh. 

Nothing much were done in Penang. Basically we were just chilling out with Bella. Went to karaoke for 3 hours singing our hearts out. Had the usual kapitan claypot nasi beriyani and again, we left Penang at around 1030pm the next day.

Stadium Negara - comfortable enough for us despite the free seating tix

Annnnnnd the best thing yet - The Backstreet Boys concert on Sunday. Freaking B.S.B. I am a big fan of BSB. I think I had all their albums up until Black and Blue in 2000. They were quiet for a few years and Kev left BSB in 2006 if I'm not mistaken. And now they are back. Older, maturer but not anyless sexier :3

I was so excited before the concert. Went with my usual concert partner in crime - Fuzah. The moment the boys (or should I say...uncles now LOL) came out my heart beats fast. Can't quite believe the day actually arrive where I can finally see them performing alive. The order of my fav BSB was AJ, Nick, B-rock, Kev and Howie D. But AJ and Nick could switch places easily because Nick is such a heartthrob during his younger days and AJ had such a voice that could melt your heart. Eh Nick is still a heartthrob and charming as ever and AJ's sexy voice could still sway my heart :3

That night Kev told us to be 15 again and I did exactly that. Was so happy when they performed As Long As You Love Me, All I Have To Give (Major love for this song woot woot), Quit Playing Games with My Heart, Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely and 10000 Promises. They were my all-time favourite. We've Got it Goin On was quite a nice surprise to me too. Was dancing at jumping to the beat. Tak tahan kaki ku bergoyang ke lagu. 

Still having some concert hangover. Best. Night. Ever!!

Them boys still got some moves! Nick and B-rock were the cheekiest last nite!

Suit that made them look uncleish

It was quite a nice 4 days break. I still got the BSB songs stuck on my head.

Well hello May. You are finally here :|

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