April 29, 2015

Nangis :/

It has been a hell if a day I need to let it out.

This week they were only two of us on duty. Me and the boss. One went for holiday, the other one on maternity leave and the other one's son is sick. The boss is kind enough sama-sama turun padang buat treatment but at times she has some management stuff to be settled too. So I was left alone doing patients.

Trust me it gets tiring. To pull off a smile is very hard. And sometimes pt comes with lots of questions and lots of problems that I can't solve. I can try to provide a solution. But sometimes they come all prepared with "Googled" solutions and claim they have such and such problem and it gets hard to convince them it's not like what they expected/Googled.


Camtu baik belajar dari University Google je penat dulu belajar jauh-jauh homesick segala :/

And sometimes when too many questions fired I just can't articulate an ideal answer so I might come of as a person with lack of communication skill. I'm a human too, you know. And each day I see more than 30 patients with 30 different problems. It's really...tiring.

Now I really am sad and frustrated with the remarks made. Feels like I failed big time.

Sedih :/

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