April 20, 2015

When Monday does not feel like one...

It feels like Wednesday today. I'm already tired and felt I have worked for too long. Read it somewhere that women are the tired-est at 3.30PM Wednesday. That's how I'm feeling right now. I prolly need to go easy on working. Funds are looking okay as of now so I need not go busting my ass on the weekends too.

On a hopefully better note, I'm going out for a course starting tomorrow. That means no seeing patients for 3 days. Looking forward for that now. Courses never excite me but I think right now I needed that the most. A break. Dapat tidoq hotel. Pi jalan jauh sikit tenangkan fikiran. Hopefully that will fix my tired body.

Other than that....things are better than before. Better but not quite the same. I can feel that detachment is in progress. Like slowly going faraway. Redha dan pasrah is all I've got now. I'm gonna act all tough and act like I couldn't care less when in fact I'm crumbling inside now. Hey hey this too shall pass, remember?

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