April 15, 2015

Suppressing shites.

I wrote three paragraphs about what made me sad this past few days but I decided to scratch that. Well, it could be the hormones talking so I will try suppress as much sadness as I could tolerate. I calmed myself down just by saying - this is just a phase. Kalau dulu kau happy ada kawan-kawan di sekeliling, now kau sedih kawan-kawan tak banyak ada dah, this is just a phase, lepas ni kau akan happy hidup sorang-sorang. Chill. Things will change soon so gotta survive the phase aite?

Life has been pretty normal these days. Working my assess off to make sure I reach my target because my budget has badly been damaged due to the major repair done on my car. Spent freaking RM2750 for the major overhaul and it surely happened at a super wrong time. Tried my best to make sure I have enough money for my next trip. I made sure most of the bookings are done so I know how to allocate my resources. Phewh, Praying hard I hit a jackpot or something so I could spare some for shopping. At the moment, I have enough only for traveling and eating, I think :(

Other than that. Nothing much. Still same 'ol same 'ol. Hari-hari berperang dengan diri sendiri jangan dilayan sangat sedih yang mendatang. Kah.

Tengok makin ramai upload pergi umrah ni. Bergetar nya jiwa raga nak nya pergi sangat-sangat :(

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