April 24, 2015

Back to work

Back to work and slightly in denial still

I miss those fluffy hotel pillow. Those cozy room. The days where I see no oral cavity except mine. Sigh.

Earlier to work this morning my already groggy mood was worsen by 1) Queue cutters or how I would like to label down as pensailang jilake 2) Road litterers or pembuang sampah jalanraya tak bertamadun. Major, major road pet peeves. The first one was a big ass bas kilang. Mak told me to always give in to those big ass drivers because they are indeed the notorious road bullies. They bang your car and wouldn't give a flying eff. In the end kau yang susah so better kasi je jalan. Another one was a gold waja driven by warganegara 03, wasn't quite sure with the gender tho. Dahlah sailang lepastu sukahati makan jalan. Lepastu dia buang tisu dari tingkap camtu-camtu je eeeeee aku rasa kalau kete ada built-in guns I would have shot the car there and then!

Ke sebenarnya tengah PMS ni.Highly irritable and ada voices in my head yang menyapa-nyapa untuk menjadi emo. Hmmm

Other than that TGIF. Altho I will be working tomorrow :(((((((( but at least for a slightly shorter working hour and instant cash reward after that. And Sunday I'm running my first trail run sumpah cuak gila plsssss.

Can't wait to get over and done with today.

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