April 27, 2015

Trail-Run Virgin No More!

Another wishlist crossed - I ran my first trail run woohoo!

Braved myself to sign up for Hulu Langat Trail Run 2015 and managed to get Z to accompany me. 

I was very nervous after the organizer uploaded the map. With maximum elevation of 200m at the first 4km, it is enough to pull my motivation down to complate the race..

The map. 12km, 3 water stations. 1 river crossing!

The flag off was at 8am so we have ample time to prepare before the run. There was plenty of parking spaces too so logistic wise it was quite good. Nothing to be worried of. As we arrived, I saw loads of runners are already well-prepared. Much to my worries, they all looked fit and all pumped up for the race. Kekakak je lemak geleber sana-sini hwaaaa

A few hundred metres after flag off. Masih bersemangat :D

The first few hundreds was all good and does not seem too challenging. And then we enter the trail..that's when the adventure starts....

The beginning of the trail, lumpur light-light ni baru muqaddimah!
Since it rained the day before, the trail was extra muddy.. At first most of the runners were extra careful and tried to avoid the muds. Mesti ramai beli kasut baru kan sebab dapat voucher salomon 30% lulz. Little that we know something even nastier awaited us..

Extra muddy extra slimy! Melepet lepet lari/jalan dalam tu kahkah

There were few bottleneck areas during the run simply because we had to pass a narrower obstacle/muddier area/climbing up. So that puts us having about the same running time, except those chart toppers la. They were super fast ktorang baru terkedek-kedek nak naik bukit depa dah sampai finishing line kottt.. First bottleneck area was the first hill. No "aid rope" and it was quite narrow so you really gotta use your menyelit skill fine!

The first hill was quite okay.Took us few steps only to get up. We moved to the 3rd km and that when it got more challenging. At first I saw runners already ran down the hill and I thought to myself, ah it's gonna be a simple u-turn. Mane la nak tau sebenarnya uturn tu....sigh..kena panjat bukit T____T

There was an "aid rope" provided but to cater hundreds of runners, it was not quite ideal to wait for the rope. Plus I have this fear of climbing up using the rope coz I think that thin rope couldn't afford to handle my thick body T___T So I took a harder path and climbed up the hill with my body. Yes kekakak dah macam spiderman dah merangkak-rangkak pegang rumput pegang pokok naik bukit tu. According to the map it was a 200m elevation. Halfway there I was really out of energy and already regretted signing up for the run lol. Gathered my breath and braved up to finish the climb with whatever energy I have left with. Rasa nak nangis pun ada nak abiskan panjat tu. 

Alhamdulillah I managed to pass the obstacle safe and sound despite having lots of bad thoughts while climbing. I imagined what if me or any of the runner slipped, snowballed runners bergolek-golek ke bawah lepastu mati lenyet. Atau pun sebab haku tebal haku survive tapi orang bawah lumpuh sebab kena penyet. Hwaaaaa takot plsss.. None of my imagination happened and we all survived the climb! 

Took a rest to enjoy the view. Bukan senang nokk nak naik bukit cemni selalu...

The trail was pretty okay after the hill. Energy drained out after the climb but we had the yummy extra joss to rejuvenate. I also brought my Toujours collagen drink for that extra sugar for energy booster (kahkah promote kejap) My leg started to get cramp after 6th km, only halfway there and I couldn't run as long as I wished to. So sad. But it was an interesting trail. Lalu ladang. Lalu kampung-kampung belakang rumah orang lepastu bau makcik tengah goreng ikan umphhh dapnyeee...

At 11th km, we were surprised by another obstacle - the river crossing!! That was the highlight and prolly the best part of the run. At first I thought the water level would be, max at the waist area. Oh hell no, it was up to chest area with some part at head/neck level! Kena lompat-lompat sikit tamau terminum air okayy. Nasib ada abam bomba standby dalam air in case of any mishap. Walaupun gigi mu kuning but I still felt safe knowing that I might be saved if I ever get drowned(yes, too many negative thoughts along the race lol)

Image courtesy of organizer we had to keepsafe our gadgets from the water :(

All in all it was a very interesting and fun run. So glad I signed up for it. A lot of runs are being organized at Putrajaya nowadays and I hated that place. Less runs for me to choose now tapi tak kisah lah asalkan tak yah lari kat Putrajaya. Kahkah. So glad this one was held at Hulu Langat!

The finisher medal. Unofficial time of 2h37m. Winner clocked in at 1h oiiii power gila takleh kekakak nak bayangkan...

One wishlist crossed. Still talking myself into running half marathon. Taa kuadd rasanya nak try half marathon ni aihh...

On another note, was tested with huge bump for the euro trip. But it's looking okay as of now. Sigh..Things happpen right?

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