April 29, 2015

Short-tempered driver

I think I am a very short-tempered driver. I mean, not the ones who always drive wrecklessly on the road but I hate being provoked. Another major, major pet peeves.

So yesterday I was driving to the cinema. My company came out with the statement that implies I am very impatience while I drive and that I need to chill a bit. Already slightly tersinggung with that statement, came an episode where I was being provoked by a young 02 guy ramming his old loud car behind me.

My bad for not letting him pass first while we pick our ticket but that the rempit was ruthless. Rude. I hate rude person. So I took my time while reverse parking my car that he had to wait, and he rammed his car impatiently. My company shot me a frustrated look for letting that happened. I was so sad after getting that look. Orang lain yang bodoh haku pulak dipersalahkan sebab layan orang bodoh.

I was really really sad with my company's remark of my attitude but not wanting to ruin the night, I suck it in and tried to let it go. Lagipun it could be our last movie together so I really don't wanna ruin it. Tapi sedih tau dapat pandangan yang macam tu :(

Guess I just gotta chill a bit and let orang bodoh be orang bodoh. Sigh.

On another note, I am trying to cherish every single chance that I get. Really getting closer now. Kalau ikutkan hati every moment I want to capture like it's gonna be the last but I'm afraid he does not favour it. It's like having only a few months to live and you wanna give your best. Dealing with a loss of a great company is never never easy..

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