March 17, 2008

Just an another update

I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for finishing the 19 lengthy anatomy subtopics in 2 days but I'd also like to give myself a big smack too for going to sleep right away after I finished the last topic and lost the momentum. And now I've been stuck on the net for few hours already *sigh*

As for my favourite quote of the day...what's for dinner...what's for dinner. Been waiting for "the" nasi beriyani haha but it was to no avail. No sweat la wa tau smuorang tgh stressed up with the exams. =P And been offered to join-order Indian Moon - our one and only "favourite" take away source. Haha...would love to. But I am kinda in broken state so..orang miskin buat aa care orang miskin kan... *sobs* If my mom know she wouldn't mind me spending money on food coz I know she wouldn't let me go starving. No wonder la anak dier membesar dgn sehat bagaikan juara kan X_X

No fancy pictures today. I didn't go out from my house at all. Except when I walked few steps upstairs to Wany's place. Embraced myself to stay in the hellish place. Tidied up my place...and wallaa...suitable for study :)

Ahh...better disengage myself from this addictive net. Need to get going for my second round of anatomy. Orang sedikit bebal sperti saya pastilah terpakse baca berulang-ulang. Ape mau masak ini malam? Makan megi goreng dah aa....

gambar sekadar hiasan. tak masak pun lagi....
rindunye Mamak ABC!!!!

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