November 26, 2018

Dear Nad,

Sementara masih semangat, let's jolt down this things I need to tell myself as a reminder.

Jangan tulis blog something personal? Persetankan la other people with their judgement. I write down mostly as MY memories. I don't do diaries. They get lost sometimes. I write this down FOR MY OWN memories and if you feel offended or triggered somehow, get yourself out here.

Okay so here goes;

Dear Nad, 

Let's gear up for something in this next few years. Make this your best training ground ever. Learn everything. Do everything. Level up your skill. Improve your communication skill. Build your rapport. Control your level of ease to be annoyed. Master the art of giving less fuck to petty things. 

There are some things that you longed for that Allah might or might not give. Make peace with that. If you happen to be alone forever, make peace with that. If sometimes loneliness creep in, do your best to kick that feelings out. Keep on praying. Never give up in your prayer, but whatever comes out, make peace with that.

Let's lay out plans. Let's achieve something for the greater good. Study. Do your research. Make a list, and study. 

Also please, lose some weight, please. You don't look good in pictures. Too bulat. Let's improve our image. Be the best version of you. 

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