December 18, 2017

Life, As It Goes

I just had a very hectic weekend. I was working last Saturday and it was one heck of a busy day. Arrived at 1030am and only managed to relax at 330pm, which is when my shift ended. Penat tak terkata. Balik tu I promised Mak to show her my studio and have dinner at Cibiuk. Later that night I have to whipped up some pumpkin soup for the potluck next day. All in all, busy day. So tired.

Yesterday I had my girlfriends came over sort of officiating my studio la. The fact that the space was limited was quite ideal so everyone had to gather at just one place. Makes catching up things a lot easier kalau buat rumah besar nanti sikit kat sana sikit kat sini cerita-cerita. Yang paling banyak kena catch up things is aku lah because they seem to share everything at the other group - group mak mak. So aku yang tak layak masuk ni kena la dengar berita terkini from this small gathering - yang berapa bulan pregnant, yang warded, yang itu yang ini. Sometimes I just want to ask them to just share whatever updates in our group since like  major of us are mak-mak already but come to think of it, biarkan je la. Maybe they are comfortable that way. Slowly slowly I'm instilling a fuck it off attitude inside me. Dah tua-tua ni apa yang tau, tau la. Aku pun malas nak share apape sangat easier this way if I want to slowly disconnect from the others if I decided to later.

Eh terpanjang pulak membebel. Fuck it off memang fuck it off tapi kena let it out of my system la jugak not that anyone reads my blog anyway. Soo...they went back around 5.30pm and I started cleaning straight away. Vacuumed and mopped twice, kemas pinggan mangkuk segala and I was done by 7. I was up since 7 in the morning so by the time I finished cleaning, memang dah barai gila penat. Balik rumah tu rasa macam kesian bilik sendiri terabai so I gathered some strength to vacuum my room. Settled doing the laundry and all by 11pm I passed out already,

Harini bangun badan rasa kena pukul sakit dia. Still need some rest. It was one heck of tiring weekend but still happy I get to do some catching-ups

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