September 22, 2016

Tak Sabar Nak Habis

I am so tired, mostly mentally..these days. We are finally presenting next week and currently doing our last minute preparations. Each time we present to the superiors there would be amendments to be done. So end up it looks like a never ending job..or kerja tak siap..depending on who and how you see it.

At certain point I do feel like flippin the table and say that's it I don't want to do this anymore. Tapi of course tu dalam mimpi je lah. At times I hear demotivating remarks that adds salt to the wound. So heartbreaking okay. Dari awal dapat benda ni pun den dah rasa tak best nak buat..pastu tambah lagi dengar benda-benda tak best. Trust me....given the choice I would rather focus on my kerja hakiki rather than doing this.

May God give me strength to keep on doing this and especially to keep my ears, eyes and mouth shut to the surroundings. Moga Tuhan bersama orang yang sabar.

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