August 04, 2016

Membanting Tulang 4 Kerat

I got a side job offer this weekend. The pay is not that much, and it's quite far from home. But I've got no plans this I'm considering the offer. Asked my friend for an opinion whether I should take up the offer or not, to which she replied ;

"Ambik ja la..kita kena kerja keras supaya kalau kita tak kawen takdak husband nak support kita boleh berdikari"

Panggg terus tertampar realiti.

Hmm. That's the harsh reality that I have to face. I don't know where the future throws me, I might even end up living alone by myself so better get used to work hard and ear my living.

Takpala..kerja ja la. At least ada duit lebih boleh gi urut manjakan diri.

Trusting your plans ya Rabb.

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