July 17, 2016

Second Half Marathon

Ran my second half marathon after around 4++months I ran the first one. Kali ni lari bawa rendang ketupat nasi impit dan bariyani dalam perot. Aummm

So, I finally let go of my hatred towards Putrajaya and registered for this run. It was a last minute decision tho. They opened a few slots for 21km and for a half marathon, the price is quite cheap. Sebab time register tengah puasa, boring takde patient so I thought to myself.....ala belasah la. Plus I wanted the shirt. Memula macam nak 10km je tunggu orang nak let go bib tapi sebab tamau risk it, belasah la register.

Was I prepared? Honestly yes. Eh yeke. Sort of. Better than the first one la. Trained for a few night during Ramadhan and 3 times last week.

Tapi actually I was quite disappointed with my performance. I could do under 3 hours should I ran with my earphone. Kalini lari kosong tak dengar lagu takleh bajet pace. Bawak dah earphone lepastu terselit dalam bag malas nak korek lepastu givap je lari tanpa lagu. Kahh.. During training longest I could run without stopping was 5km. Tadi 3 km dah malas dah. Tapi in every Km I would run la sikit. Finished at 3:03hour..okayla bolela not bad. Towards the end of the run I almost cried already sebab panas sangat.

I've ran around 260km with my Mizuno..guess it's time to hunt for new shoes!

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Nabila Syifa said...

bravo!! huhu gigih