June 15, 2016


I'm so frustrated that I have to take it here before I sleep. I hate it when what I said got misinterpreted. Especially when I have no intention at all to divert from whatever I have said before.

Or could it be I'm a lil too sensitive and overreacting and negative, or the other person is? I don't know.

Anyway..let's just hope I can sleep off this uneasy feeling.

Oh well.

Today I got to break fast with my girls, and it's one precious moment for me, especially after all of them are married now. Makan banyak ketat perot gelak senak perot. However I came back feeling a lil tad too tired, padahal drive gi curve je pun. Dah tua dah aku ni, tak biasa dah drive sendiri malam-malam macam ni dulu ulang alik KL steady je pukul berapa berapa pun. Almost let go of my terawih tonight but I wanted to make sure my azam Ramadhan is alive, so I pushed myself through it.

Speaking about azam Ramadhan...kinda disappointed I don't get to read as much as I hoped so during the day. Busy with slides and treating patients although banyak je pt orang lain yg treat. Sigh. Serabut la slide ni. But I'm on juzu' 13 right now I hope I can keep the momentum up. No intention to brag I just want to compare notes with my progress from last Ramadhan's reading. So far so good I hope I can keep it up.

Semoga hilang perasaan tak best ni dan semoga azam Ramadhan saya tercapai. Amiin.

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