March 01, 2016

Not a good day

I slept with stuffy nose and itchy throat last night. Woke up not feeling quite well, I decided to do a blood test. Alhamdulillah all returned okay.

Today has not been a good day I think. I know largely it's hormonal. So I shouldn't ride on the emotional wave. But can't help it. Nak nangis dah ni stress dia. Workload piling up. A few other things need to be settled.

Lepastu meet up cancel. Bagai memerah asid ke luka berdarah sakit dia.

But I thank God for giving me a friend whom I can regard as my parachute and my umbrella on rainy days. Hopefully I could lessen my stress later. I know I don't share my stories with him like how I shared stories with my girlfriends, but at least I could use some distraction from all of my problems. Dapat lepak melantak tengok movie pun jadilah.

Also I thank God I survived another financial turbulence. Kahkah. Last month when I promised to gift something for a friend and make a few hundred ringgits purchase la things happened. Langgar moto la, kena bayar rumah la, bayar duti setem la. Selalu camtu tau. But I'm glad I made it walaupun tercungap.

An escape. An escape. An escape.

Badly need one. 

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